PagerDuty is a great tool to make sure the right person is notified when an error occurs.

AppSignal notifies PagerDuty when performance issues or errors occur. New deploys are not sent to PagerDuty.


AppSignal requires a Integration Key from PagerDuty to send error and performance notifications.

You can get the Integration Key by adding a "Integration" under "Service" > "Service Directory" > "New service".

Make sure that for Integrations "Events API V2" is selected. The other details can be filled out at your own discretion.

PagerDuty config

After saving the form, you can see the Integration Key.

Use this key on the AppSignal PagerDuty integration form.

PagerDuty config

After saving, make sure the integration works by clicking "Test hook". If all goes well, it should trigger an incident on PagerDuty.

PagerDuty config

As always, if you run into any issues, don't hesitate to contact us at

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