Application settings

All settings for an application can be found by clicking the "App Settings" link in the main menu after you've navigated to an application.


If your app is not connected to a repository on GitHub you can connect it. If it is connected you can change the linked repository. You need to authenticate with GitHub to use this feature. You can either do this by signing in via GitHub, or by linking your GitHub account in your user settings. An application linked to GitHub gives you additional features like direct links to commits.

Visit the "General" page for your app


AppSignal can send alert for a number of events. Configure when a notification is sent on this page.

See the application integrations page to configure where the notification is sent to.

Visit the Notifications page for your app

Team permissions

This page gives an overview of the teams and people that have access to an application. You can change the owners and permissions by editing clicking on the "Manage owners|this team" link.

Read more about team management in the Organization topic.

Visit the Team permissions page for your app

App settings teams

Push & Deploy

On the "Push & Deploy" page you can find your application's "Push API Key" and some snippets to set up deploy notifications.

Visit the Push & Deploy page for your app