Frequently Asked Questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question. On this page, you'll find the answers to the ones we're asked most frequently. If you need further support, please check out our support page


Getting Started

I Need Help Getting Started. Where Do I Begin?

If you're new to AppSignal or want to know more about configuring AppSignal features, please read our guides

AppSignal Libraries

What Programming Languages Does AppSignal Support?

AppSignal supports the Node.js, Ruby and Elixir programming languages. We also have JavaScript packages for catching client-side errors in supported browsers.

Filtering Data

How Do I Ignore Actions in My Application?

You can Ignore Actions to stop recording data for specific actions, requests, background jobs, etc.

How Do I Ignore Errors in My Application?

You can Ignore Errors (based on their name) to prevent AppSignal from reporting and alerting you to them.

How do I Filter Data That’s Sent to AppSignal?

To learn how to filter the data that is sent to AppSignal, read one of the following guides:

How do I Add Additional Instrumentation to My Application?

Additional instrumentation can be added to your application to give you more insights into how your application is performing by measuring the duration of separate events.

Lean how in the documentation for our Ruby Gem and Elixir Package.

How Do I Run Multiple Applications on One Host?

By default AppSignal is configured to assume one application runs on one host. If you run more than one application on a host, some unexpected behavior may occur, such as data being reported for a different application.

To configure AppSignal for multiple applications on one host the AppSignal Working Directory needs to be configured. Read more about how to configure the working directory in our Guide to Running Multiple Application on One Host

What Operating Systems Does AppSignal Support?

Please read our Operating Systems page for the full list of supported Operating Systems and any required packages.

How Do I Debug an Issue with the AppSignal Integration?

Please read our Debugging Guide for a complete guide to AppSignal Integration debugging issues.

You can also check our Known Issues page for issues that may be present in your version of the AppSignal Integration.

User Account

How Do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) For the AppSignal App?

Please refer to our Two-Factor Authentication page for more information on enabling 2FA.

What IP Addresses does AppSignal Use?

Currently the AppSignal Push API uses the following IP addresses:


Currently the AppSignal webhooks use the following IP addresses:


We don't recommend allowlisting specific IP addresses. They might change, and more may be added in the future, for instance, when we need to cycle our load balancers or quickly add servers. If you decide to allowlist our IP addresses, please send our support team an email, we'll do our best to notify you if there are upcoming changes.