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Known issues

This page contains a list of publicly documented known issues for AppSignal integrations. If you're experiencing any of the listed issues, please follow the described fixes or workarounds. If none are documented, please contact us at support@appsignal.com.

See also the GitHub issue tracker for our Ruby gem and Elixir package for other known issues.

DNS timeouts

Affected versions

  • AppSignal for Ruby gem versions 2.1.x
  • AppSignal for Elixir package versions 0.10.x - 1.2.x
  • In combination with hosts running libc, not musl libc (Alpine Linux). macOS is unaffected.


In version 2.1.0 AppSignal switched to an agent built against the musl libc implementation to support Alpine Linux. Adding support for Alpine Linux we switched our agent build over to musl libc. A DNS issue was fixed in musl libc version 1.1.13, which we included in the next releases of AppSignal integrations.

In Ruby gem version 2.1.1 and Elixir package version 0.11.3 we also tried to fix the known "ndots" DNS issue by hard-coding the DNS servers as a temporary solution. This caused problems with setups that use an private internal network that blocks outgoing DNS requests.

Ruby gem 2.4 and Elixir package 1.4 will fix this problem for all non-musl systems, by providing a separate build for these systems.


  • No data is being received by AppSignal after an upgrade of our integration to one of the affected versions.
  • No data is being received by AppSignal after an infrastructure change.
  • In our log file, appsignal.log, timeouts are being reported.
  • The application's host is running a non-musl libc system, anything but Alpine Linux.
  • The /etc/resolv.conf configuration file contains entries that contains more than four dots, e.g. namespace.namespace.cluster.two.local. This is true for systems that use kubernetes and similar systems for infrastructure management.
  • The host's (private) network blocks outgoing DNS requests. You can test this by running dig @ NS push.appsignal.com on the host.


We've reverted the hardcoded DNS servers in AppSignal for gem version 2.2.0 and AppSignal for Elixir package 1.3.0. Please upgrade to that version or higher.

This release won't fix the musl libc "ndots" bug, but provides a configuration option for the DNS servers (Ruby & Elixir (coming soon)) if an application encounters into this problem. This allows for a (local) DNS server to be set manually if musl libc can't read the DNS configuration of the host.


The first workaround is to allow outgoing DNS requests from within the private network for the machines that have AppSignal installed.

If allowing outgoing DNS requests doesn't work, revert back to an older AppSignal integration. Recommended versions:

  • AppSignal for Ruby gem: 2.0.6.
  • AppSignal for Elixir package: 0.9.2.