Known issues

This page contains a list of publicly documented known and ongoing issues for AppSignal integrations. If you're experiencing any of the listed issues, please follow the described fixes or workarounds. If none are documented, please contact us at

Not all known issues are documented here. Only those that are taking some time to get fixed, remain an issue in some way after they have been fixed or benefit from a separate support page.

See also the GitHub issue tracker for our integrations for other known issues:

List of known issues

  • DNS timeouts
    • Symptom: no data is being received by AppSignal.
    • Affected components:
      • AppSignal Ruby gem versions: v2.1.x - v2.3.x
      • AppSignal Elixir package versions: v0.10.x - v1.3.x
      • Systems: Linux distributions only - except Alpine Linux.