Business Add-Ons

Business Add-Ons are AppSignal features that are available for an additional fee. It’s our alternative to an all-encompassing, pricey Enterprise Plan.

AppSignal's Business Add-Ons make administration more manageable. They don't modify our core features, and the experience of using AppSignal remains the same on all plans.

Our smaller customers mostly don’t need these features and shouldn’t have to pay for them, hence the decision to make them available as add-ons.

AppSignal offers the following Business Add-Ons:

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

You can sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with AppSignal to ensure HIPAA compliance. This is required for any HIPAA-covered entity that handles PHI (Personal Health Information) and uses AppSignal.

Besides putting a BAA in place, this add-on also guarantees HIPAA-compliant procedures, safeguards, and security measures.

For more information on privacy and security, see our security page.

Please contact us to arrange your BAA.

Long-term Log Storage

Long-term Log Storage allows you to export and store your AppSignal logs with your S3-compatible storage. AppSignal will still store your logs for 30 days.

You can read our Long-term Log Storage docs for more information.

Please contact us to arrange Long-term Log Storage.

Managing and Purchasing Business Add-Ons

You need to contact us to purchase Business Add-Ons.

All other AppSignal pricing information is available on our plans page.