Limiting requests

Our pricing is based on the request count your application processes. This includes web requests and background jobs. We feel it's the most fair way of determining how much value your application generates.

However, not all requests are equal. For example load balancer health checks that occur every 10 seconds provide no value, but are needed to keep your app up-and-running.

We have created a number of (config) options to reduce (ignore) the request count for these kinds of requests.

Warning: Exceptions that occur in ignored actions/namespaces will not be sent to AppSignal.

Custom metrics will be sent if they were emitted in an ignored action/namespace.

Be careful when deciding on what to ignore. Ignoring the admin namespace might sound like a good idea, but could backfire when your team's work isn't saved because of an error you didn't know is happening.

Ignore actions

The most specific option is to ignore a certain action (e.g. HealthCheckController#show), we recommend to only ignore actions that provide little value or are mostly static, such as:

  • Health checks
  • Product tour pages or other static pages

More documentation about ignoring actions:

Please note: Ignoring actions does not stop the storage of logs for those actions.

Ignore namespaces

When you have a large amount of actions you'd like to ignore, we recommend setting a custom namespace for these actions and ignore the namespace instead. This keeps the config clean.