Our integrations are split up in three groups: Notifiers, Issue Trackers and Dashboards


Notifiers are integrations that connect a 3rd party with the goal of sending notifications for incidents, uptime issues and custom metric triggers.

Integrations include Slack, OpsGenie, PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams, see below for a full list of notifiers. To enable notifications for external services, go to the "Notifications" page

Available Notifiers

Issue Trackers

The second category are integrations with issue trackers such as GitHub, GitLab, Trello and Jira, amongst others.

Besides email notifications we can send messages about new exceptions, performance issues and deploys to several 3rd parties. Below is a list of supported external services. Visit our "Integrations" page in the app navigation and fill out the form for each service you'd like to enable.

Available Issue Trackers


Dashboards can be used to show certain metrics such as error rates, response times and throughput for apps.

Available Dashboads