Google Hangouts Chat

From direct messages to group conversations, Google Hangouts Chat helps teams collaborate easily and efficiently.

Google Hangouts Chat is a global integration set up per App.


Adding Google Hangouts Chat to your app

Adding the integration consists of two steps, one on Google Hangouts Chat and one on AppSignal.

Google Hangouts Chat

Head to the chat options and select "Configure webhooks'

Hangouts Webhook

Fill out the fields, for "Avatar url" we suggest:

Configure Hangouts Webhook


On the desired app, head to "Notifiers" and select "Google Hangouts"

Hangouts integration on AppSignal

Fill out the form and paste the webhook url from step one in the "webhook ur" field. Make sure to pick a descriptive name for the integration such as "#errors channel on Hangouts"

Hangouts integration on AppSignal

You can test the integration after saving the form, a message should appear in your Hangouts chat.

If anything went wrong while validating the integration your will be prompted with the error message. Feel free contact us if you experience any problems while setting up this integration.

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