Linear is a better way to build products. This issue tracker is built for cycles, and comes with built-in workflows to create focus and routines.

The Linear integration must be set up individually for each user in AppSignal who wishes to use it with their AppSignal apps.

Adding Linear to your app

Linear works with OAuth, so you don't need to manually enter any API tokens. To add Linear to your app via AppSignal, navigate to the integration screen of your desired app, and click the "Add new Linear integration" button.

You'll be returned to AppSignal after completing Linear's authorization flow, you can then select the Linear team you'd like to link your app to.

Once you've successfully linked Linear to AppSignal you will be able to send errors and performance issues to Linear from the incident details screen.

If anything went wrong while validating the integration your will be prompted with the error message. Feel free contact us if you experience any problems while setting up this integration.

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