Intercom is one place for your entire business to see and talk to customers. Have live conversations and send targeted messages to website visitors and users of your app.

On October 1st, 2022, we will discontinue all support for our Intercom integration. From this date onwards, Intercom integrations will no longer work with AppSignal. If your application currently uses the AppSignal Intercom Integration, we advise removing the configuration from your codebase before the feature is deprecated.

This integration will create Intercom events when a user experiences an error.


There are three steps to integrate Intercom with AppSignal:

  1. Add an AppSignal tag to your application
  2. Retrieve the Intercom app id and API key
  3. Enable the Intercom integration in AppSignal

Step 1: Add an AppSignal tag to your application

In order to make sure we add an event for the right user, we need to know the user_id that Intercom uses to sync your user. We do this with the tagging feature available in the AppSignal gem.

For a Rails application the best place to do this is in the ApplicationController, like this:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_filter :tag_request
  def tag_request
    if user_signed_in?
        :intercom_user_id =>

The needs to be the same as the field user_id used to sync to Intercom.

Your Intercom JavaScript integration would look something like this:

  window.intercomSettings = {
    name:       "<%= %>",
    email:      "<%= %>",
    user_id:    "<%= %>",
    created_at: <%= current_user.created_at.to_i %>,
    app_id:     "<%= ENV['INTERCOM_APP_ID'] %>"

Deploy this change to your server.

Step 2: Connect AppSignal to Intercom

In AppSignal, navigate to the site you want to enable Intercom for. Then go to "Notifiers" and activate the Intercom integration. Enter the App id and API key noted in step 2, and save.


On the integration page link AppSignal to Intercom.


Once completed, these steps will enable the Intercom integration. When a user experiences an error while on your app, an Intercom event will be created for that user.


You can use this as a segment filter too, for instance to target all users who experienced an error in the last 24 hours!

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