Link Backtraces to Revisions and Lines

Codebases are rarely static, and changes are often made to them. Depending on how your application is managed, it could see changes being deployed several times a day. This can make pinning down the root of an issue tricky if the code that caused it has been altered. To help you quickly get to the root cause of issues, you can configure AppSignal to provide backtrace links to the relevant revisions of your repository.

To configure this feature, you first need to link AppSignal to your application's GitHub repo. You can find those instructions in our Link AppSignal to Repo documentation.

Once this step is completed, make sure you've enabled deploy markers.

Enable Deploy Markers

Once you've connected AppSignal to your application's GitHub repo, you will need to enable deploy markers. You can find instructions on how to do this in our Backtrace Links documentation.

Once this step is completed, AppSignal will automatically link backtraces back to the specific revision, path, and line of code. You can check what repo url your application is using by navigating to the relevant application and clicking on the "App Settings" link at the bottom of the side navigation bar:

AppSignal Application Settings

You can manage your GitHub integration on the Integrations page, also accessible via "App Settings".