Create GitHub Issues for Incidents

Once you've installed the AppSignal GitHub integration, given AppSignal permission to read and write to your GitHub repositories, and connected your AppSignal app to the desired repo, you can convert AppSignal incidents into GitHub issues.


Navigate to the relevant namespace for your AppSignal application, click "Performance" in the side navigation, and then "Issue list". From the Performance Measurements page, open the relevant issue.

AppSignal Issue List

Once the issue is open, click on the "Send to GitHub" button in the top right corner.

AppSignal Issue List

This will open a screen that allows you to create a GitHub issue. By default a link to the AppSignal incident and when applicale up to 10 lines of back trace will be included in the Issue description. You can modify the title and description of the issue but we recommend including the AppSignal incident link and backtrace. Once completed, you can click "Create GitHub issue" to create the issue in the GitHub repo your application's namespace is connected to.

AppSignal Issue List

You can change the repo your AppSignal application's namespaces are connected to in your AppSignal application's settings page. You can also manage the access rights of AppSignal in your GitHub integration settings.

🛟 If you are having trouble making GitHub issues for AppSignal incidents, please get in touch, and we'll help you further.