AppSignal for RubyThis feature requires version 1.3 or higher.


A Webmachine application requires a few manual steps to get working.

  1. Create a config/appsignal.yml configuration file or configure it with environment variables. For more information see the Ruby configuration page.
  • Make sure AppSignal is required, require "appsignal".
  • Configure AppSignal using Appsignal.config.
  • Start AppSignal using Appsignal.start.

An example of a Webmachine app.rb file:

# app.rb require "webmachine" require "appsignal" Appsignal.config = Appsignal::Config.new( Dir.pwd, # Path to project root directory "development" # Environment ) Appsignal.start_logger Appsignal.start class MyResource < Webmachine::Resource def to_html "<html><body>Hello, world!</body></html>" end end # Start a web server to serve requests via localhost MyResource.run

After these steps, start your Webmachine app and wait for data to arrive in AppSignal.