AppSignal for RubyThis feature requires version 1.2.0 or higher.

Shoryuken sho-ryu-ken is a super-efficient AWS SQS thread-based message processor.

No manual installation is required if Shoryuken is part of a Rails app. If you're using a standalone Shoryuken app, please see our integration guide.

Instrumentation for Shoryuken is enabled automatically if the Shoryuken gem is detected on AppSignal start.

Batch support

If an app uses worker with the :batch => true option, multiple messages are processed by a worker in the same tick. An upgrade is required to Ruby gem 2.11.3 or higher, which adds support for the batch option.

# my_worker.rb class MyWorker include Shoryuken::Worker shoryuken_options :queue => "batched", :batch => true def perform(sqs_msg, body) # Do stuff puts "Performing BatchedWorker job: #{body}" sleep 1 end end

Example application

We have an example application for a standalone Shoryuken application available in our examples repository on GitHub.