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Sinatra is officially supported, but requires a bit of manual configuration. Follow the installation steps in AppSignal, start by clicking 'Add app' on the accounts screen.

After installing the gem you need to add the AppSignal integration require after sinatra (or sinatra/base).

require "sinatra" # or require 'sinatra/base'
require "appsignal/integrations/sinatra"

Then create the AppSignal configuration file, config/appsignal.yml. See the Ruby configuration page for more details on how to configure AppSignal.

After these steps, start your Sinatra app and wait for data to arrive in AppSignal.

Recent change
Since AppSignal gem version 1.3 you no longer need to manually include the Appsignal::Rack::SinatraInstrumentation middleware in your application. Please remove it from your application.

Example applications

We have two example applications in our examples repository on GitHub. The examples show how to set up AppSignal in small Sinatra applications and modular Sinatra applications.

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