AppSignal for RubyThis feature requires version 2.4.1 or higher.

Que is a high-performance alternative to DelayedJob or QueueClassic that improves the reliability of your application by protecting your jobs with the same ACID guarantees as the rest of your data.

If Que is detected when AppSignal starts, we automatically hook into Que to track exceptions and performance issues.

Job names are automatically detected based on the Que worker class name and are suffixed with the run method name, resulting in something like: MyWorker#run.

You can recognize events from Que with the name perform_job.que in the event timeline on the performance incident detail page.

Active Job support

The Que integration is compatible with Active Job.

Upgrade to version 2.11.0 of the Ruby gem or newer for improved support.

Example application

We have an example application in our examples repository on GitHub.