GraphQL is the Ruby gem for GraphQL servers. AppSignal supports the GraphQL gem through the built-in instrumentation module in the GraphQL gem.


To instrument your GraphQL app using AppSignal, load the AppSignal middleware in your schema.

# TODO: Change the schema class to your schema class class MySchema < GraphQL::Schema use(GraphQL::Tracing::AppsignalTracing) end

Customize namespace and action

You can AppSignal instrumentation helper methods to customize your instrumentation further. In the example below we group the requests by namespace and action name:

class GraphqlController < ApplicationController def create result = MySchema.execute(params[:query], :variables => params[:variables], :context => {}) render :json => result ensure # Customize the namespace Appsignal::Transaction.current.set_namespace("graphql") # Customize the action name based on the operationName, if any Appsignal::Transaction.current.set_action(params[:operationName] || "Unknown") end