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MongoDB instrumentation


The AppSignal gem version 1.0 and up supports the Mongo Ruby Driver gem and the Mongoid gem out-of-the-box.

The Mongoid gem relies on the Mongo Ruby Driver. AppSignal activates Mongo Ruby Driver instrumentation automatically if it is detected in the project. No manual setup is required.


The Mongo Ruby Driver integration will report the following metrics for every query. Once we detect these metrics we'll add a magic dashboard to your apps.

  • mongodb_query_duration - measurement
    • We monitor all queries and calculate mean/90th/95th percentiles per database
    • Tag database: The database this query was executed

Older Mongoid versions and MongoMapper

Older versions of the Mongo driver used in Mongoid 2 and MongoMapper, and Moped used in Mongoid 3, are not officially supported by older AppSignal integration gems but might still work.

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