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Applications (previously known as "sites", also referred to as "apps") are Ruby and Elixir applications monitored by AppSignal. Every application is unique by the combination of its name and environment.

A list of Applications appears on the Application index and in the application quick switcher. Every application has a parent organization, which can have multiple applications. (Exception: Organizations created by the Heroku add-on only support one application.)

Table of Contents

Registering applications

To add a new Application to AppSignal, please follow the setup wizard by pressing the "Add app" button for the organization you wish to add an application to on the Application index.

AppSignal will detect and register new applications when it receives data from the Application and not before it. Using the Ruby and Elixir installers this should be done automatically. When installing AppSignal manually, please use the demo command line tool (Ruby / Elixir) or start your application and perform some requests/jobs.


An application can have multiple environments as long as every environment uses the same application name. Every environment is currently listed separately on the Application index.

  • "Demo application" - development
  • "Demo application" - production
  • "Demo application" - staging
  • "Demo application" - test

Running multiple applications on one host

When running multiple applications on one host some odd behavior may occur. This is because the default configuration of our AppSignal libraries assume a one application per host setting.

One common problem we've seen is that Applications start reporting under different names and/or environments. Such as an application switching between the staging and production environment after a deploy or restart of an application process or worker.

To allow AppSignal to be used for multiple applications on one host we need to set the working_directory_path configuration option (Ruby / Elixir). Using this configuration option, set a working directory path per application so that the AppSignal agent will not stop agents for other Applications that are running.

Read more about the AppSignal working directory.

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