PreactThis feature requires version 10.0.0 or higher.


With npm or yarn

Add the @appsignal/preact and @appsignal/javascript packages to your package.json. Then, run npm install/yarn install.

You can also add these packages to your package.json on the command line:

yarn add @appsignal/javascript @appsignal/preact npm install --save @appsignal/javascript @appsignal/preact

With JSPM.io import maps

Using the JSPM.io import map generator, you can generate an import map for your application's dependencies.

Add @appsignal/javascript and @appsignal/preact to the dependencies list in the generator, then add the generated import map and ES module shims to your application's code.

With rails-importmap

Use the following command to add these packages to your Rails application's import maps:

./bin/importmap pin @appsignal/javascript @appsignal/preact


Error Boundary

If you are using Preact v10.0.0 or higher, you can use the ErrorBoundary component to catch errors from anywhere in the child component tree.

import { Component } from "preact"; import { appsignal } from "./appsignal"; import { ErrorBoundary } from "@appsignal/preact"; const FallbackComponent = () => ( <div>Uh oh! There was an error :(</div> ); export default class App extends Component { render() { return ( <ErrorBoundary instance={appsignal} tags={{ tag: "value" }} {/* Optional */} fallback={(error) => <FallbackComponent />} {/* Optional */} > { /** Child components here **/} </ErrorBoundary> ) } }