AppSignal for JavaScript

AppSignal has amazing support for catching errors from front-end JavaScript applications and sending them to AppSignal. An npm library for catching JavaScript errors is available for that.

NOTE: Uncaught exceptions are not captured by default. Read this section to find out why. You can enable this functionality by enabling the plugin-window-events plugin.

Supported browsers

This package can be used in any ECMAScript 5 compatible browser. We aim for compatibility down to Internet Explorer 9 (roughly 0.22% of all browsers used today). All browsers older than this can only supported on a “best effort” basis, and full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

When developing, don’t forget to check browser support on Can I Use? and the ES6 Compatibility Table, and provide the appropriate polyfills or fallbacks. In a small percentage of browsers, a Promise polyfill may be required to use this library.

Other supported environments

@appsignal/javascript is more than just a front-end library! It's also designed to work in a variety of other JavaScript runtimes and use-cases where the @appsignal/nodejs library may not be a viable choice. @appsignal/javascript supports:

  • Electron apps
  • Short-lived processes
  • Serverless functions
  • Statically generated apps
  • React Native/Expo apps

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