Add the @appsignal/ember and @appsignal/javascript packages to your package.json. Then, run yarn install/npm install.

You can also add these packages to your package.json on the command line:

yarn add @appsignal/javascript @appsignal/ember npm install --save @appsignal/javascript @appsignal/ember

Starting with Ember 4, projects created with ember new include ember-auto-import out of the box. If your project does not, you will need to add some kind of method for loading npm packages into your application. We recommend using ember-auto-import, which you can install using ember-cli:

ember install ember-auto-import

A number of other methods and custom configurations are available for importing this library in a way that suits your app.



The default Ember integration is a function that binds to the Ember.onerror and Ember.RSVP.on("error") handlers. In a new app created using ember-cli, your app.js file might include something like this:

import { appsignal } from "./appsignal"; import Ember from "ember"; import { installErrorHandler } from "@appsignal/ember"; installErrorHandler(appsignal, Ember);