The AppSignal for Elixir package integrates with the Erlang VM to provide metrics not just about your app but the virtual machine it's running in.

Minutely probe

Since AppSignal Elixir package 1.10.1 and up a minutely probe is activated by default. Once we detect these metrics we'll add a magic dashboard to your apps.

This probe will report the following metrics grouped by hostname tag:

  • erlang_io - gauge
    • Tag type:
      • input
      • output
  • erlang_schedulers - gauge
    • Tag type:
      • total
      • online
  • erlang_processes - gauge
    • Tag type:
      • limit
      • count
  • erlang_memory - gauge
    • Tag type:
      • total
      • processes
      • processes_used
      • system
      • atom
      • atom_used
      • binary
      • code
      • ets
  • erlang_atoms - gauge
    • Tag type:
      • limit
      • count
  • erlang_scheduler_utilization - gauge (since version 2.2.8)
    • Tag type:
      • normal
    • Tag id: the ID of the scheduler


This probe listens to the hostname config option for the hostname tag added to all its metrics. If none is set it will try to detect it automatically. Use the hostname config option to set the hostname if you want to change the detected hostname.

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