AppSignal for ElixirThis feature requires version 2.7.0 or higher.
AbsintheThis feature requires version 1.6 or higher.

The AppSignal for Elixir package instruments operations performed by Absinthe, a GraphQL toolkit for Elixir, using the Telemetry library.

AppSignal will automatically recognize operations executed by Absinthe and wrap them into a call.graphql event on your Event Timeline, like in the below example:

Screenshot of Absinthe executed events being shown in the Events Timeline

Combined with our Ecto integration, AppSignal's Absinthe integration helps provide a comprehensive overview of what's happening when a GraphQL query is executed.

Automatic Instrumentation

Absinthe is automatically instrumented, requiring no configuration. To disable the Absinthe instrumentation, set the instrument_absinthe config option to false.