Please note that when running multiple applications on Render, AppSignal will receive logs for all your applications and currently cannot automatically filter them.

To avoid sending unnecessary logs, we recommend sending logs via AppSignal for Ruby, Elixir, or Node when running multiple apps on Render.

You can configure a Log Stream with Render to send logs to AppSignal. Render logs will be in the Syslog RFC 5424 format. To configure Render to send logs to AppSignal, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. To open Render's Create Log Stream form, navigate to Account/Team settings > Log Streams, and select "Add Log Stream".
  2. Enter the following URL in the Log Endpoint field:
  1. In the Token field, add the key provided when creating a log source.
  2. Once you've completed the steps above, select "Create Log Stream".

When connected, Render logs should appear in AppSignal. If you still cannot see any logs, please contact us for support.

You can find more information on Render's Log Streams in their Log Streams documentation.