You can configure Netlify to send logs to a dedicated endpoint. Currently, Netlify only supports the exporting of function logs. To configure Netlify to send function logs to AppSignal, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Under Site settings > Log Drains, select "Enable a log drain".

  2. Select "General HTTP endpoint" as the Log drain service.

  3. Select only "function logs" as the Log type.

  4. Enter the following URL for your endpoint:"

    Replace YOUR_LOG_SOURCE_API_KEY with the key provided when creating a log source.

  5. Select NDJSON as the Log Drain Format.

  6. Once you've completed the steps above, select "Connect".

When connected, logs should appear in AppSignal. If you still cannot see any logs, please contact us for support.

You can find more information on Netlify's log drains in their Log Drain documentation.

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