Heartbeat Occurrences

The Heartbeats feature is currently only available to Beta Testers. If you think your application is a good candidate, send an email to support@appsignal.com!

Once you've:

You'll be able to begin monitoring your Heartbeats in AppSignal.

In this documentation, we'll explain to you what different Heartbeat statuses mean and how you can inspect Heartbeats in AppSignal.

Viewing Heartbeats

To view all of your app's heartbeats click on the Heartbeats overview via the AppSignal app navigation:

Screenshot of Heartbeats overview

Here you will have an overview of your heartbeats with the following columns:

Column nameDescription
Name and typeThe name of your heartbeat and job type.
ScheduleThe schedule of your job, expressed in crontab syntax
Last failureThe last time a job failed, or Never if a failure has never occurred.
Latest jobThe status of the last run job

Heartbeat status

Heartbeat jobs will have one of the following statuses:

NewNo heartbeats have yet been received for this Heartbeat.
SuccessThe job has been completed within its maximum duration.
LateA Heartbeat completed after its expected finish time (finish time = scheduled start time + max job duration).
MissedThe job's max duration has passed and no finish heartbeat has been received.
RunningA start heartbeat has been received.

Heartbeat Summary

Clicking on the name of a heartbeat will take you to an overview of:

  • The last five jobs: The timestamps for the last five jobs for the Heartbeat alongside their status.
  • The last five missed or failed jobs: The timestamps for the last five missed or failed jobs.

Heartbeat Occurrences

Heartbeat occurrences are past occurrences of the job your heartbeat is monitored, based on the job's schedule.

Heartbeat occurrences give you an overview of past occurrences and can be filtered based on status and time range.

Here you can inspect the occurrences:

  • Expected start/end time
  • Actual start/end time
  • Job duration and expected job duration
  • Job status
Screenshot of Heartbeats summary