AppSignal supports receiving metrics and logs from Vector.


First set up your Vector installation, with sources that receive input from other systems. Vector supports a multitude of data sources, such as Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and many more. See the Vector source documentation for more information on available sources.

To send data from Vector sources to AppSignal, configure the AppSignal Vector sink in your Vector configuration.

Add a new Vector sink with the type appsignal, configure the sources (inputs) from which to collect data, and include your app-level Push API key. The app-level Push API key can be found in your app's Push & Deploy settings.

# vector.toml # Add this AppSignal sink section [sinks.appsignal] type = "appsignal" inputs = [ ... ] # Reference Vector sources or transforms here push_api_key = "Your app-level Push API key"

To send data to a different AppSignal application depending on its source, you can configure more than one AppSignal sink. Each sink can have different input sources and a different app-level push API key.

You can read more about how to configure the AppSignal Vector Sink on the Vector AppSignal sink documentation website.


Metrics received from the AppSignal Vector Sink will be available in the custom metrics feature.

AppSignal currently only supports the following Vector metric event types:

  • Gauge
  • Counter
  • Distribution

If a source sends other metrics types than listed below, those metrics are ignored.

Custom metrics will require some manual setup. Create a new dashboard and add a graph using metrics received from Vector.

Tags on metrics are converted into AppSignal metric tags and can be used to filter the metrics displayed in the graphs.

An additional vector_namespace tag will be added, with the Vector metric's namespace as its value. See Vector's documentation for more information on each source's default value.

Specified timestamps on metrics are currently ignored and the metric is reported for the time it was received.

Automated dashboards

AppSignal will automatically create dashboards when it detects metrics from the following Vector sources:


AppSignal Logging supports Vector log events.

To view logs from Vector in our logging feature, first create a new source, for the platform "Vector", with the name vector.

With every log line, Vector includes the source_type attribute. This is based on the name of the Vector log source. The source_type will be used to group tags in AppSignal logging, making it easier to find all logs from the same source.


AppSignal does not support traces collected by Vector at this time. Please use one of our language integrations.