AppSignal's Heroku metrics, error reporting, and dashboards can be configured with a Logplex Log Drain. If you also want to access and manage your Heroku logs in AppSignal, you should instead configure the Heroku Log drain for AppSignal Logging.

You only have to setup this log drain once per application and it will provide data for all features such as Heroku platform errors, dashboards and host metrics.

This Heroku log drain setup will send only metrics to AppSignal. AppSignal will receive logs from Heroku, but they will be discarded. To send both metrics and logs to AppSignal, follow the Heroku log drain setup in our Logging documentation instead.

heroku drains:add "<push_api_key>&name=<app_name>&environment=<app_environment>"

Make sure to replace the placeholders (<push_api_key>, <app_name> and <app_environment>) with your AppSignal organization's Push API key, your app's name and environment. Make sure your app's name and environment match exactly with your app's AppSignal configuration. These values are case sensitive.

You can find your Push API key, app name and environment on at "App settings > Push & Deploy".

Once the log drain is setup, Heroku platform errors and dashboards should appear automatically. Additional setup is required for Host Metrics.