Heroku Deploy Markers

Make sure a working Heroku Logplex Log Drain is setup before continuing with this section.

A deploy marker indicates a change in the deployed version of an application. This can be used to group together occurrences of errors and performance issues within a certain time frame. From when the version was deployed until a newer version was deployed. Deploy markers are also required to enable backtrace links for an app.

We normally recommend using the revision config option to set the correct revision for a deploy.

However, when using Heroku with the Heroku Labs: Dyno Metadata enabled it will automatically set the revision config option to the HEROKU_SLUG_COMMIT system environment variable. This will automatically report new deploys when the Heroku app gets deployed.

Also read our guide on how to set up deploy markers.

To enable Dyno metadata run:

heroku labs:enable runtime-dyno-metadata -a <app name>

While replacing <app name> with your app name. And that's it! Deploys will now automatically be tracked by AppSignal.