Heroku Logplex Errors

Make sure a working Heroku Logplex Log Drain is setup before continuing with this section.

AppSignal will automatically extract Heroku errors from the Logplex data when a Log Drain is setup, no further action is required.

These errors behave like application errors and will produce incidents and samples. These errors will show up under a dedicated "heroku" namespace on AppSignal.

Screenshot of AppSignal incident list with a Heroku error

Because the errors are generated from Log lines, the information available is limited, we only get the Error name/code, metadata such as request_id, path, method (GET/POST) etc, which will be available in the "Overview" section of the sample. These values are also available to filter samples by.

The error code is determined by Heroku, for a full list of error codes, see the Heroku errors documentation.

You'll receive notifications for these errors when notifiers are setup. If you do not wish to receive notifications for these errors, it's recommended to setup Namespace default notification settings.