Public Endpoint - JSON Metrics

This API endpoint is provided to add additional metrics to AppSignal, where an existing integration can't be used or the language used isn't supported (yet).

This endpoint is meant for integrations that send aggregated metrics over a small period, it's preferred to send one request every 5 seconds with 100 metrics over 100 requests per 5 minutes with one metric each.


Request method: POST

EndpointDescription JSON formatted data

URL parameters

api_keyStringFront-end API key, can be found in App settings.

Body parameters

The post body should contain JSON formatted metrics separated by a newline, or as a full json body.

nameStringName of metric, shouldn't contain spaces or special characters, e.g. only ([a-zA-Z0-9-_])
metricTypeStringMetric type, can be one of [gauge, counter, timing, histogram]
valueFloat(Float) value
tagsObject<String, String>Object containing tags. Both key and value should be a string, for example: { "hostname": "frontend1" }

Example of JSON body

[ { "name": "traffic_gauge", "metricType": "gauge", "value": 19.8, "tags": { "hostname": "frontend1" } }, { "name": "error_counter", "metricType": "counter", "value": 10, "tags": { "hostname": "frontend1", "disk": "vda" } }, { "name": "duration_timing", "metricType": "timing", "value": 19, "tags": { "lambda": "login" } }, { "name": "duration_timing", "metricType": "histogram", "value": 5, "tags": { "lambda": "login" } } ]

Example of newline-separated body:

{"name": "traffic_gauge", "metricType": "gauge", "value": 19.8, "tags": {"hostname": "frontend1"}}\n {"name": "error_counter", "metricType": "counter", "value": 10, "tags": {"hostname": "frontend1", "disk": "vda"}}\n {"name": "duration_timing", "metricType": "timing", "value": 19, "tags": {"lambda": "login"}}\n {"name": "duration_timing", "metricType": "histogram", "value": 5, "tags": {"lambda": "login"}}\n

Note: This endpoint is optimized for large amounts of traffic and does not validate the API key or payload, a 200 (OK) response is returned when the body size is within the 200k limit. This doesn't mean the request is accepted when received.