Sourcemaps API

Sourcemaps are used to get the original line and column number from a backtrace pointing to a minified or transpiled file.

We usually recommend using public sourcemaps whenever possible, as builds that produce lots of sourcemaps can take a long time to upload via our private sourcemap endpoint.

This API provides an easy way to upload private sourcemaps for use with frontend errors.

Create sourcemap

This endpoint enables the creation of private sourcemaps.

Request methodPOST
Requires authentication?Yes (Push API key)
Response formatsJSON

Matching sourcemaps

We will match the values for the name[] fields against the full backtrace URL. For example, the following backtrace line:

at https://test.local/main.abc123.js:1:92623

Will match with the name: https://test.local/main.abc123.js. You can add multiple name's in one curl request:

curl -k -X POST -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \ -F 'name[]=https://test.local/main.abc123.js' \ -F 'name[]=https://cdn.local/main.abc123.js' \ -F 'revision=abcdef' \ -F 'file=@/~project/' \ ''

Note that you can only upload one sourcemap file at a time, so if you have multiple sourcemap files, you will have to send an upload request for each file separately. The maximum upload size allowed for a sourcemap file is 100MB.


All parameters, except for file can be sent either in the POST body or as GET parameters. All parameters are required.

push_api_keyStringYour organization's Push API key.
app_nameStringName of the application in AppSignal in which the sourcemap should be used.
environmentStringEnvironment of the application in AppSignal in which the sourcemap should be used.
revisionStringDeploy marker revision reference.
nameArray of StringsList of filenames that the sourcemap covers. This should be a full URL to the minified JavaScript file, as you see it in the backtrace, including any url params.
fileFileSourcemap to upload.


  • The API will return a 201 HTTP status code if successful.
  • The API will return a 400 HTTP status code with a JSON response when a validation error has occurred.
  • The API will return a 404 HTTP status code if no app exists for the given app name, environment and Push API key combination.

400 response body example:

{ "errors": ["The following errors were found: Name can't be empty"] }


curl -k -X POST -H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \ -F 'name[]=https://localhost:3000/application.min.js?vsn=d ' \ -F 'revision=abcdef' \ -F 'file=@/~project/' \ ''