Graphs API

Endpoint [GET]:

/api/[app_id]/graphs.jsonReturns graph data


kindstringAggregate of provided namespace (web, background, or your own)
action_namestringExample: BlogPostsController-hash-show
fromstring (ISO8601)defaults to 1 day ago if nil
tostring (ISO8601)defaults to now if nil
timeframestringCan be: [hour, day, month, year]
fieldsarrayCan be: [mean, count, ex_count, ex_rate, pct]

Either provide the action_name or kind parameter. You can either specify the from an to values, or the timeframe value.

Valid timeframes are: hour, day, month and year

Valid fields are:

meanmean response time
ex_countexception count
ex_rateexception rate (percentage of exceptions from count)
pct90 percentile (for slow requests only)

If you want an action and exception, concatenate the strings with :|: as a separator

So BlogPostsController#show with Mongoid::RecordNotFound becomes: BlogPostsController-hash-show:|:Mongoid::RecordNotFound"

Example request:


This endpoint returns a JSON object:

  "from": "2013-09-03T22:00:00Z",
  "to": "2013-10-04T00:00:00Z",
  "resolution": "hourly",
  "data": [
      "timestamp": 1378245600,
      "mean": 13.51942822948383,
      "pct": 13.213056043635918

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