Public endpoint

This API is a traffic-optimized endpoint to push data to AppSignal that is not sent through the AppSignal agent.

Base URL



Authentication is done with a Public endpoint (or Front-end) API key, which can be found in App settings.

URL Parameters

api_keyStringFront-end API key, can be found in App settings.

Full example:


Note: This endpoint is optimized for large amounts of traffic and does not validate the API key or payload, a 200 (OK) response is returned when the body size is within the 200k limit. This doesn't mean the request is accepted when received.


This API exposes the following endpoints:

  • StatsD Metrics Send (batched) StatsD-formatted metrics to AppSignal.
  • JSON Metrics Send (batched) JSON-formatted metrics to AppSignal.
  • Errors Send Errors to AppSignal.