AppSignal for Node.js 3.0.0This integration requires AppSignal for Node.js 3.0.0 or higher.
GraphQL 14This integration requires GraphQL 14 or higher.

Upgrading from AppSignal for Node.js 2.x? Read about integration changes between 2.x and 3.x in the Migration Guide.

Default instrumentations can be disabled via the disableDefaultInstrumentations config option. You can read more about how to configure this in our Configuration Options documentation.

The AppSignal for Node.js integration for GraphQL, using the graphql package.

This instrumentation will also work with any library that depends on the graphql package, such as Apollo Server or Yoga.

Installation and usage

GraphQL is instrumented automatically by the AppSignal for Node.js package. No additional setup is required to instrument GraphQL in your application.


The GraphQL integration will send AppSignal child spans representing the parsing, validation, execution and resolution of the query. The span for the execution step will contain the GraphQL query.

Any errors that occur when validating the query will be reported to AppSignal.

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