Appsignal for Node.jsThis feature requires version 3.4.5 or higher.
BullMQThis feature requires version 2.x or higher.

BullMQ is a Node.js job queue library backed by Redis. The AppSignal for Node.js integration for BullMQ instruments the enqueueing and processing in your application.


The BullMQ package is instrumented automatically by the AppSignal for Node.js package.

If you run your workers as separate processes, make sure to also use node --require appsignal.cjs ... when starting the worker processes, so that AppSignal can instrument the workers' job processing.


When using the BullMQ integration, AppSignal will create a performance sample for each job that is processed by a worker.

When a job is enqueued in an instrumented context, such as a web request or background job, AppSignal will display an event in the performance sample's event timeline representing the job enqueueing.