AppSignal for Node.jsThis feature requires version 3.0.0 or higher.
FastifyThis feature requires version 3.0.0 or higher.

Default instrumentations can be disabled via the disableDefaultInstrumentations config option. You can read more about how to configure this in our Configuration Options documentation.

The AppSignal for Node.js integration for Fastify.


Fastify is automatically instrumented by the AppSignal for Node.js package.

To initialize the AppSignal client, you should require the appsignal.cjs file before your application starts loading.

When calling fastify start directly, you can use the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable to require it:

NODE_OPTIONS='--require ./appsignal.cjs' fastify start [...]

The start script references the appsignal.cjs file that was created when configuring AppSignal.


The Fastify integration will send AppSignal a child span representing the execution time of each component used during a web request.

The integration will use the request route as the name of the action. Query params and request body are set as span attributes.

Errors are automatically tracked.