ioredis (OpenTelemetry)

Our 2.x integration is deprecated, please upgrade to 3.x. Migration information is available here.

The AppSignal for Node.js integration with OpenTelemetry for ioredis, through the ioredis package.


First follow the OpenTelemetry installation instructions.

In the tracing.js file, add the OpenTelemetry IORedisInstrumentation to the list of instrumentations.

By default the ioredis instrumentation includes full queries in the event data sent to AppSignal, which may include Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data. For this reason we recommend using the IORedisDbStatementSerializer to sanitize queries.

// tracing.js // The start of the tracing.js file, see the installation instructions // Add the IORedisDbStatementSerializer import const { IORedisDbStatementSerializer } = require("@appsignal/nodejs"); // Add the IORedisInstrumentation import const { IORedisInstrumentation, } = require("@opentelemetry/instrumentation-ioredis"); const sdk = new opentelemetry.NodeSDK({ instrumentations: [ // Other instrumention here // Add the IORedisInstrumentation new IORedisInstrumentation({ requireParentSpan: false, dbStatementSerializer: IORedisDbStatementSerializer, }), ], }); // The rest of the tracing.js file, see the installation instructions

Warning: By configuring a dbStatementSerializer that does not sanitize Redis queries the app may send Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data to AppSignal. We recommend you do not send any unsanitized queries.