Our 2.x integration is deprecated, please upgrade to 3.x. Migration information is available here.

The AppSignal for Node.js integration for Koa (koa) v2.0.0+.


The @appsignal/koa is not compatible with the 3.x Node.js integration.

Our migration guide. explains how you can upgrade your Koa.js integration from 2.x to 3.x.

Add both the @appsignal/nodejs and @appsignal/koa packages to your package.json. Then, run yarn install/npm install.

You can also add these packages to your package.json on the command line:

yarn add @appsignal/nodejs@2 @appsignal/koa npm install --save @appsignal/nodejs@2 @appsignal/koa

You can then import and use the package in your app.


The module includes an AppSignal intrumentation plugin for automatically instrumenting the middlewares or routes of your application.

// AT THE VERY TOP OF THE ENTRYPOINT OF YOUR APPLICATION... const { Appsignal } = require("@appsignal/nodejs"); const appsignal = new Appsignal({ active: true, name: "<YOUR APPLICATION NAME>", pushApiKey: "<YOUR API KEY>", // Note: renamed from `apiKey` in version 2.2.5 }); appsignal.instrument(require("@appsignal/koa")); // ...ALL THE REST OF YOUR IMPORTS AND CODE GO HERE! const Koa = require("koa"); const Router = require("@koa/router"); // @koa/router is also supported out of the box! const app = new Koa(); // Add error handling app.on("error", (error) => { appsignal.tracer().setError(error); });