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AppSignal for Node.js

AppSignal now supports Node.js! We're proud to bring the same great performance monitoring and error tracking that we offer Ruby and Elixir customers to the Node.js ecosystem. The package supports pure JavaScript applications and TypeScript applications, and can auto-instrument various frameworks and packages with optional plugins. Other frameworks and packages might require some custom instrumentation.

The new Node.js implementation contains some concepts that vary from the Ruby and Elixir implementations. Be sure to check out the Instrumentation section to familiarize yourself with any differences.

At the moment, this integration is still in the Early Access phase, and should be considered work in progress software that is likely to change significantly. We will update this page with any information regarding the next phase of release. Want to know more, or have feeback for us? Email support@appsignal.com.

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Supported versions

Our Node.js suppport tracks the active LTS release and above, which is currently v10 and above.

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