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Host metrics

The AppSignal agent collects various system metrics, which allows you to correlate performance issues or errors to abnormal host metrics. We collect the following metrics:

CPU usage User, nice, system, idle and iowait in percentages.
Load average 1 minute load average
Memory usage Available and used memory.
Disk usage Percentage of every disk used.
Disk IO Throughput of data read from and written to every disk.
Network traffic Throughput of data received and transmitted through every network interface.

Collecting these metrics is on by default. To enable it, use the enable_host_metrics configuration option, for Ruby and/or Elixir.

The collected host metrics are available in the "Hosts" section you can reach through the sidebar navigation. Select a host and then click the "Metrics" tab to see all collected metrics.

If you have any feedback on this new feature we'd love to hear it!

Note: This feature is available in the AppSignal Ruby gem version 1.2+. It's turned on by default since Ruby gem version 1.3.

Note: This feature is not available on the following architectures:

  • macOS/OSX (darwin)
  • FreeBSD