Custom Domain

You can configure a custom domain for your application's Public Status Page.

You must follow the instructions on this page before the public status page is created. If you have already created a public status page, after following the instructions on this page, you will need to delete the status page and create it again.

To use custom status page URLs, you must set up a CNAME (Canonical Name) record in your domain's DNS (Domain Name System) records. How you add a new CNAME record will vary depending on your DNS provider.

The "Host" or "Name" setting of the CNAME must be set to the subdomain's name where you want the public status page to be accessible.

For example, if you want the public status page to be accessible at, you would set the "Host" or "Name" value to status.

The "Value" setting must always be set to the following value:

Once you've added your new CNAME record, it may take several hours for the changes to take effect. Once the changes have replicated across the DNS network, you can create a public status page, setting the "Custom domain" value to the full domain name you want the public status page to be accessible at, including the subdomain (for example,

Below are links that take you to the CNAME-specific documentation of popular DNS providers. If your DNS provider is not listed, instructions should be available in the support section of their website.

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