Appsignal for PythonThis feature requires version 1.3.7 or higher.
PikaThis feature requires version 0.12.0 or higher.

Pika is a Python implementation of the AMQP 0-9-1 protocol. The AppSignal for Python integration for Pika instruments the sending and receiving of messages in your application.


Don't forget to install the AppSignal for Python package in your application first.

First, install the opentelemetry-instrumentation-pika package.

# requirements.txt opentelemetry-instrumentation-pika

If you run your consumers as separate processes, make sure to also import appsignal and call appsignal.start() before starting the Pika consumer processes, so that AppSignal can instrument the consumers' message processing.


When using the Pika integration, AppSignal will create a performance sample for each message that is sent or received by a consumer.

When a message is sent or received in an instrumented context, such as a web request or background job, AppSignal will display an event in the performance sample's event timeline representing the message sending or receiving.