AppSignal for Python: Demo tool

AppSignal for PythonThis feature requires version 0.1.0 or higher.

The AppSignal for Python package includes a command-line tool that sends demonstration samples to AppSignal. When the tool is run, it sends an error and performance sample from your machine to AppSignal.

This command-line tool is useful for testing AppSignal on a system and validating your local configuration. The same test is also run during installation when using the AppSignal installer.

To learn more about how to use the demonstration command, visit the Debugging page.


To run the demonstration tool, run the following terminal command from your project's root folder:

python -m appsignal demo

Available Options

application--application=<application name>Set the name of the reported application. (Optional)
environment--environment=<environment_name>Set the environment to use in the command, e.g. production or staging.
push-api-key--push-api-key=<Push API key>Set the Push API key used to authenticate the application.