Let's say you have your own startup but still do some freelance work for clients on the side. You'll want to have your own AppSignal billing setup for your startup, while still being part of the AppSignal organizations of your clients. This is easily done with "organizations" in AppSignal.

Organizations are basically umbrellas for your applications, which we charge on the organization level.

Creating a new organization

Once you sign up for an AppSignal account you will need to create an Organization, except when you accept an invitation to another organization.

If you already have an account you can create a new organization from your user account settings.

Because you'll probably work with new people and apps in this organization, you'll start a new 30 day trial period for this new organization.

Renaming an organization

In case you want to rename your organization contact us at, or through the in-app chat. Please ensure you're an owner of the organization otherwise we will have to decline your request.

Please provide the following details in your message:

  1. Tell us which organization you want to rename and what to rename it to.
  2. If the organization's slug in the URL needs to be updated as well (, let us know what it needs to be changed to as well.

Note: If the organization's URL slug has to be updated as well, the change will break all existing links in emails and other notifications. We will not put a redirect in place to link from the old organization slug to the new one. New notifications will use the updated organization slug.

Leaving an organization

In your user profile you can find a list of all the organizations you have access to. If you're not the only owner of an organization you can leave it. Once you do that you will not have access to the organization anymore, the only way to undo this is asking the owner to invite you again.