AppSignal guides

Welcome to the AppSignal Guides! Here we'll guide you through every step you need to take to integrate AppSignal with your application successfully. Our guides were written with you in mind, covering everything from adding a new application to finding slow queries.

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Getting Started Guides

AppSignal wasn't built in a day, but it can be installed in minutes. In these guides, we'll help you get set up with your AppSignal Account, show you how to install AppSignal in your application, and learn how to use it to get the most out of your application's metrics.

In many of these guides you'll be interacting with AppSignal and your applications codebase, so before starting boot up your favourite text editor and grab a cup of something refreshing to drink ☕️

  1. Add a New Application
  2. Configuring Applications
  3. Reporting Deploys to Track Improvements
  4. Grouping Parts of Your Application With Namespaces
  5. Add custom data to error and performance samples: Tagging and Sample Data
  6. Customize which parameters, session data, headers and more are collected by AppSignal integrations.: Filtering App Data

Feature Guides

Application Management Guides