AppSignal for JavaScript configuration

Available options

The Appsignal object can be initialized with the following options.

Config keyTypeDescription
keystringYour AppSignal Front-end error monitoring API key.
uristring(optional) The full URI of an AppSignal Push API endpoint. This setting will not have to be changed.
namespacestring(optional) The default namespace to report app errors on Read more about namespaces.
revisionstring(optional) Set the app revision for the currently running version of your app. Used to create deploy markers and tag all incoming data to a certain deploy for the host. Read more about deploy markers on the deploy markers.
ignoreErrorsRegExp[](optional) An array of RegExps to check against the message property of a given Error. If it matches, the error is ignored. Do not use a global flag in any regular expressions, as it may cause unexpected behavior leading to some errors not being ignored. Read more about ignoring errors.