Mix tasks

AppSignal for Elixir doesn't automatically instrument mix tasks, but you can set up manual instrumentation and error handling using custom instrumentation.

Starting and stopping AppSignal

Since Mix tasks don't automatically start applications, you'll need to explicitly start the :appsignal application in your task:


To make sure AppSignal has enough time to flush data to its agent, call Appsignal.Nif.stop/0 at the end of your task, which blocks until the extension has had enough time to flush the sent payloads to the agent before stopping.

Catching errors

To wrap errors in your task to be sent to AppSignal, add a rescue block to catch errors from your code. Pass the captured exception to Appsignal.send_error/3 to report it to AppSignal. Add an after clause to your rescue block to call Appsignal.Nif.stop/0.

defmodule Mix.Tasks.Rescue do use Mix.Task def run(_) do {:ok, _} = Application.ensure_all_started(:appsignal) raise "rescue!" catch kind, reason -> stack = __STACKTRACE__ Appsignal.send_error(kind, reason, stack) reraise(reason, stack) after Appsignal.Nif.stop :timer.sleep(35_000) # For one-off containers end end

Note: A sleep of 35 seconds was added to the end of the Mix task. This is recommended for tasks that are run on one-off containers. When the task completes the process stops. The Appsignal.Nif.stop/0 function call flushes all the transaction data currently in the AppSignal extension to our agent. There it is transmitted on a 30 second interval. The one-off container may have exited before that time. To ensure the data is still transmitted, it needs to wait for 35 seconds.

Measuring performance

To measure performance in your task, start and stop a transaction manually and add events using the instrumentation helpers, like described in the custom helper instrumentation.

defmodule Mix.Tasks.Instrument do use Mix.Task def run(_) do {:ok, _} = Application.ensure_all_started(:appsignal) Appsignal.instrument(fn span -> span |> Appsignal.Span.set_namespace("background_job") |> Appsignal.Span.set_name("Mix.Tasks.Instrument") Appsignal.instrument(fn span -> Appsignal.Span.set_name("task.instrumented") :timer.sleep(1_000) end) end) Appsignal.Nif.stop() :timer.sleep(35_000) # For one-off containers end end