Installing AppSignal in an umbrella application

AppSignal works with umbrella applications, but there are some things to keep in mind. The dependency should be added to each nested application inside the umbrella, and the configuration should be added to the umbrella's main configuration file.

This guide goes over the first steps to install AppSignal in your umbrella Elixir and Phoenix projects. For more information and further steps, check out the main installation guide.


Add the AppSignal dependency to each application that will use it. This includes all Phoenix applications and all backend applications that communicate with the database.

defp deps do [ {:appsignal, "~> 2.0"} ] end

Then, run AppSignal’s installer in the umbrella’s root directory to add the configuration to the umbrella application’s configuration files.

$ mix appsignal.install YOUR_PUSH_API_KEY

By default, each nested application in an umbrella uses the main umbrella configuration, so the nested apps should all have access to the main configuration.


The installation for Phoenix in an umbrella application are mostly the same as setting up AppSignal “regular” Phoenix application. One thing to keep in mind is to use Appsignal.Phoenix in your application’s endpoint file. If you have multiple nested Phoenix applications, use the module in each.

If you include use Plug.Builder or any other module that redefines the call/2 function, make sure to place the use Appsignal.Phoenix line after that.

defmodule AppsignalPhoenixExampleWeb.Endpoint do use Phoenix.Endpoint, otp_app: :appsignal_phoenix_example use Appsignal.Phoenix # ... end